How can my business get involved?

Support from the business world is critical to reaching more people who are in need of clean water!

We realize every business is a bit different, and goals will vary from one to another. Here are some ways your business can get involved:

  • You can give personally or as a group of individuals (i.e., as an internal corporate group, with no public promotion)
  • You can become a member and give a donation monthly 
  • We also offer grassroots Company Campaign Pages where you can tell your business’s story of why you are fundraising and why giving to clean water has such a great impact on people's lives.
  • Start a Cause Marketing campaign
  • We have a Corporate Support Program that offers various giving levels, which we expand on below.

*For all types of Corporate Support, companies should follow our Corporate Support Guidelines & Media Use Guidelines.

Corporate Support Program Options

We have several program options for companies who wish to work with us and want to help you find the best fit to help you achieve your charitable goals!

  • Brand Partner ($16,000+) 
  • Brand Champion ($5,500+)
  • Brand Supporter ($500+) 

If you are interested in joining us as a Brand Partner, Brand Champion, or Brand Supporter and:

  1. Have been in business for 1+ years (if this is not the case, see the New Businesses section below), 
  2. Are ready to make an initial impact donation in support of clean water,

please email us at, and someone will be in touch with full program details.

New businesses 

We want you to succeed, so after your first year, please circle back! Let’s ensure you’ve had time to grow your brand and establish a healthy sales cycle so you can support a regular charitable donation. 

With that said, if you’re set on making support for clean water a part of your brand and are ready to make a significant initial donation to show your customers how important this mission is to your company, please email us at and we can discuss a progressive pathway for you to reach your goals. 

General support

You can support The Water Project at any giving level! If your company is just getting off the ground or you want to show your customers that you care about clean water, you are welcome to make a donation to us while following the Corporate Support Guidelines & Media Use Guidelines.

Thanks for wanting to give back from your business!

That's a lot of information, and we know that every business has its unique goals in how they want to get involved. If you have further questions or would like to support us with your business, please send us an email at We're here to help you get connected to your passion for helping people get clean water.

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