How can my office get started with fundraising?

There's a lot your business can do to engage your customers and employees!  Here are some ideas:   
  • Open a fundraising page so everyone can see the results of your giving.
  • Post a progress chart in the office where everyone can see. Include a sheet with brief details about why the project is important to you. Invite everyone to join you to reach your goal!
  • Make business cards with your logo and a link to your fundraising page. Give them to your clients/customers and share about your efforts. 
  • Here are some other fundraising ideas.
  • If you have employees, give an incentive for giving.  Nothing elaborate; think ... casual dress days, parking space privileges, and extended lunches.
  • Use your social networks -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. -- to increase your efforts by including personal and professional contacts.  Find tips on how to maximize your influence by clicking here.
  • Matching grants -- if your company matches charitable giving, inform your employees so they can take advantage of the program and give!  
  • Check out what some other businesses have done to raise funds for clean water. Get inspired!   
  • If your business is interested in getting involved in a more substantial way, please email us to set up a time where we can explore further how your company can make an impact through its giving.

Note: The Water Project logo may only be used with expressed permission as outlined in a formal partnership agreement.

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