How Much Does a Well Cost?

This is perhaps our most common question. And the answer isn't "one cost fits all."  

Water projects cost from $12,000 upwards to $38,000, depending on many variables such as location, depth, pump requirements, labor and fuel costs, etc. 

But did you know that we don't just do new wells at project sites?

Our partners work with communities to determine what the best water technology is for their location. It could be a new well; rebuilding/restoring an old, broken well; rainwater harvesting; spring protection; or perhaps a sand dam. And we also provide hygiene and sanitation training!

The big idea is this: a water project is so much more than just a hole in the ground and a pump, or a rainwater harvesting tank and piping. 

No matter what amount you give, we'll assign you to a specific project that will bring clean water to a community, and you'll see the results.

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