What are some challenges to completing water projects in developing countries?

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There can be lots of challenges with the work our partners do.  For example, the countries where we fund work don’t always have paved roads, which   mean it can take a lot of time for a drilling rig to reach a village.   Roads can be washed out from a storm for weeks at a time, requiring a team to drive days out of their way to get to a community.      

Another major challenge can be the introduction of new sanitation systems and hygiene practices.  Learning new concepts and practices takes time.  Something like hand-washing can be a major new practice for a community.  Just think of how long it took your family to teach you to wash your hands as a child!  It’s a lot harder to learn those things as an adult when you’ve always done it a different way. 

Yet another example might be delays in paperwork from local government offices.   

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