How did The Water Project get started?


When we heard first-hand from our friends in Kenya about the devastating effect the lack of clean drinking water is having in communities where they work and live, we had to act.

We began our work to alleviate suffering in August of 2006.  It started with a few inspired teens in a youth group.  Engaging with the adults in their lives, this group that started in Saint John, NB Canada grew to what The Water Project is today, reaching thousands of new people every day with a compelling call to action.

We are now located in Concord, NH, and have, to date, helped over 225,000 people improve their access to clean water in over 500 communities.

All of us have experienced the impact a few voices can have. We know that every effort and contribution matters. That's why we continue to tell others, so that they might do the same.

Our first project was a rainwater harvesting project.  See the results here.  We link each donor to a specific project, showing you where your donation is bringing clean water.  

We are asking everyone we meet to come with us and work towards a common goal of seeing water make it to the mouths of the nearly 884 million people throughout the world who today suffer needlessly without.  We're asking you to consider how you might be a part of this effort with us.

Alone we can accomplish some; but together, we can accomplish much.

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